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Epigenetic Hair Scan

Innovative Technology

Epigenetic Hair Scan

Epigenetic hair scan is a highly advanced and innovative technology that uses DNA analysis to determine a person's unique nutritional needs.

Benefits of the Epigenetic Hair Scan

Epigenetic hair sampling can be used in conjunction with a nutritional assessment to determine an individual's physiologic well-being. By analyzing DNA methylation patterns in hair, researchers can identify changes in gene expression that may be linked to nutrient deficiencies or imbalances in an individual's diet. An individual's diet has been shown to have a strong influence on gene expression, and by identifying changes in DNA methylation patterns, researchers can gain insight into how an individual's diet may be impacting their health. Additionally, this method can be used to monitor changes in gene expression over time, allowing for personalized dietary interventions to be developed. For example, if an individual has a DNA methylation pattern that is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, dietary interventions could be developed to address this risk, potentially preventing the onset of disease.  With this simple test we can customize a nutritional supplement plan and diet.


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