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Sean Kirby, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Contact Info
Phone : 850-934-7545

Sean is an A4M fellow as well in antiaging medicine. He also has extensive cosmetic surgery/treatment experience with Laser Therapies. He is dedicated to natural solutions for wellness.

Fellow A4M Anti-Aging and Hormone Rebalancing

Meet Our Providers

Mark A. Giovanini, MD

Neurosurgeon/Anti-Aging Specialist

Jason Capra, MD

Anesthesiologist/Anti-Aging Specialist/Pain Management

Sean Kirby, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Jada Leahy, MD

General Surgeon/Anti-Aging Specialist


Our mission is to provide people a path to reclaiming their inner youth both inside and outside. Everyone experiences that lull in their life leading to a regression in their mind, body and soul. We strive to achieve this both physiologically and physically through natural pathways for your inner glow.